martes, octubre 24, 2006

John Kricfalusi

Check out the blog of the one and only John Kricfalusi the creator of Ren and Stimpy, and the video: I miss you of BJORK.The guy is like a cartoon historian, he does research of old cartoons like The Flinstones, Chuck Jones, he explain things like facial expressions, composition, ETC.
By the way, just recently he and his company SPUMCO released a new Ren and Stimpy DVD of Lost Espisodes, the image on the left is the cover, some nudity, pornografy and explicyt sexual behavior are featured in this episodes, (in the last one Stimpy is pregnant...... I assume whit Ren´s baby. I haven´t seen it) that´s why the were never broadcast.
Below is the link of a promotional page about this DVD

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