lunes, octubre 30, 2006


The Mouse and the Mask is a collaboration album by Danger Mouse and MF DOOM under the name DANGERDOOM, released by Epitaph Records in the United States.

The album was inspired by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming (where it also received considerable advertising) and features guest performances by Ghostface Killah, Cee-Lo and Talib Kweli as well as character voices and clips from many Adult Swim showThe text above was copied from the wikipedia article about The Mouse and the Mask:

This album is great, for those of you who likes Hip Hop, and this is very cool hip hop, not like Eminem or Puff Daddy, this is Dj-style underground old-scholl Hip Hop.... And one of the the most peculiar aspects of this record it is that all it´s song are based on adult swim cartoons, whit original voices of the characters, in my opinion the best song of all the album is the one about Space Ghost, it´s absolutely hilarious.

Other bizarre aspect of this record is the fact that MF Doom is an excelent hip hop DJ whose alter ego is based in Fantastic Four´s Victor Von Doom Dr. Doom, His real name is Daniel Dumile but "no one" has ever seen his face because he uses a copy of Dr Doom mask... His previous album MM..Food? has extensive use of voices, music and original audio of old FF cartoons and other 70´s cartoon shows...

And the other one, Danger Mouse, is other hip hop DJ who wears a mouse disguise all the time, thus the album cover is a cartoon mouse whit a Dr Doom mask on.

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viernes, octubre 27, 2006


Check out this new band from California, DJ Adam 12 and Justin Warfield conforms this duo whit an obvious influence from 80´s band like Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Bauhaus and vocals that at times sound a little like Bowie.
But despite the influence I would´n label them as copycats, their music is very fresh and innovative, and the lyrics are dark and moody.
They sound like the soundtrack of a zombie movie its realy eerie, I specially like songs like "Red Flags And Long Nights" very heartbroken song.


martes, octubre 24, 2006


I have the joy of present to you my perfect movie, it’s called 300, luckily you’ll already heard something about this one, its based in a graphic novel (comic) by Frank Miller (SIN CITY)
The movie is about the Spartan army and his king LEONIDAS at the battle of the Thermopylae in the Greco-Persian wars 480BC.... This battle takes place in a moment when XERXES the persian king tries to invade Greece, and the citi-states that is Grecee at the time, come togeteher to fight as one nation for the first time, then the army of the city-state of Sparta is send to stop the persian army at the site of Thermopylae and win time to form a greater army to confront them, so LEONIDAS one of the kings of Sparta takes only 300 of his best soldiers, and choosing only those who has male decendants, to battle XERXES because he knows they are all going straight to their doom.
The movie is directed by Zach Snyder, the same director of Dawn of the Dead, and of upcoming comic based movie THE WATCHMEN... Looking forward to this one too.

Web pages related to the movie is a little reference of the foremention battle:

King LEONIDAS I of sparta, played by Gerard Butler in the new movie 300.

Trailer of the Up coming movie 300, and adaptation of Fran Miller´s graphic novel of the same name, directed by Zach Snider, the director of Danw of the Dead.


A frame of one of Ren & Stimpy Lost episodes, this one´s call Altruists...

John Kricfalusi

Check out the blog of the one and only John Kricfalusi the creator of Ren and Stimpy, and the video: I miss you of BJORK.The guy is like a cartoon historian, he does research of old cartoons like The Flinstones, Chuck Jones, he explain things like facial expressions, composition, ETC.
By the way, just recently he and his company SPUMCO released a new Ren and Stimpy DVD of Lost Espisodes, the image on the left is the cover, some nudity, pornografy and explicyt sexual behavior are featured in this episodes, (in the last one Stimpy is pregnant...... I assume whit Ren´s baby. I haven´t seen it) that´s why the were never broadcast.
Below is the link of a promotional page about this DVD

miércoles, octubre 18, 2006

KRAKATOON is oficialy created!!!!!!

Welcome to the first ever post of the KRAKATOON review page........