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The Mouse and the Mask is a collaboration album by Danger Mouse and MF DOOM under the name DANGERDOOM, released by Epitaph Records in the United States.

The album was inspired by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming (where it also received considerable advertising) and features guest performances by Ghostface Killah, Cee-Lo and Talib Kweli as well as character voices and clips from many Adult Swim showThe text above was copied from the wikipedia article about The Mouse and the Mask:

This album is great, for those of you who likes Hip Hop, and this is very cool hip hop, not like Eminem or Puff Daddy, this is Dj-style underground old-scholl Hip Hop.... And one of the the most peculiar aspects of this record it is that all it´s song are based on adult swim cartoons, whit original voices of the characters, in my opinion the best song of all the album is the one about Space Ghost, it´s absolutely hilarious.

Other bizarre aspect of this record is the fact that MF Doom is an excelent hip hop DJ whose alter ego is based in Fantastic Four´s Victor Von Doom Dr. Doom, His real name is Daniel Dumile but "no one" has ever seen his face because he uses a copy of Dr Doom mask... His previous album MM..Food? has extensive use of voices, music and original audio of old FF cartoons and other 70´s cartoon shows...

And the other one, Danger Mouse, is other hip hop DJ who wears a mouse disguise all the time, thus the album cover is a cartoon mouse whit a Dr Doom mask on.

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